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Visit Sweden

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Visit Sweden

TTA was asked to help put Sweden on the Dutch wintersport map by generating traffic to the VisitSweden site. Using the viral video created by postadvertising agency Lemon scented tea as our basis, we mapped out Holland’s most important online wintersport communities (i.e. ice-skating, skiing) and sent them a continuous stream of compelling content. We also spread the word offline through guerrilla actions at local skate rinks handing out information and chances to win unique prizes, like a bespoke Swedish travel bag.

Case Summary

Our goal with this campaign was to not only raise awareness, but also to encourage people to spread the word and activate them to both actually book vacations to Sweden. We started with the obvious – serious press coverage and dominating Google – and ended with the ideal: more bookings. Here are the results per category:

- Google #2 ranking for ‘unique wintersport area’
- (917,000 views) resulting directly from TTA.

- 10% increase in Dutch bookings to Sweden for winter 2010.
- First charter flight ever between Holland and Östersund (Swedish wintersport town).
- 150,000 video views in 6 weeks.
- 150% increase in visits to the VisitSweden website.

Online Buzz:
- Over 60 blog postings and articles on major sites like nu.nl, RTL etc.

Campaign duration: 6 months

More visuals of the campaign on Flickr.