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Ridiculous Design Rules

Ridiculous Design Rules

The FreeDesigndom Festival asked us to create more awareness and generate traffic through its web platform Ridiculous Design Rules. We mapped out the most relevant design communities and catalyzed a serious ongoing debate about ridiculous design rules through DM, seeding/plugging and viral marketing strategies.

Case Summary

This was a difficult campaign because the target group, designers, is more discerning than most. We had to package our message on the right sites, with the right people and especially in the right tone of voice, no small task when targeting the international design world. When we were done, the Ridiculous Design Rules website generated click-throughs to the festival site than any other medium.

- Posts on 10 most important Dutch design blogs.
- More than 15 articles in respected design publications.

- RDR website was single largest provider of click-throughs to the festival website.
- 10,000 unique visits per day from 30 countries to Ridiculous Design Rules website.
- Over 200 design rules uploaded to the site.
- 13% increase in visitors to the festival.

Online Buzz:
- Generated enough media attention that the Amsterdam publisher BIS commissioned a book based on Ridiculous Design Rules currently sold in 15 countries worldwide.

Campaign Duration: 4 months

More visuals of the campaign on Flickr.