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The Travel Agency

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Visit Sweden

Ridiculous Design Rules


During 2010 K-Swiss will remaster their original sneaker the “K-Swiss Classic”. First released in 1966, it constitutes the first true street sneaker that people were sporting on the streets of L.A. 40 years ago. Lemon scented tea wrote the story behind the K-Swiss Classic – finally! They asked 8 highly regarded designers from all around the world to make a poster with their interpretation of the different chapters. The Travel Agency made sure that the campaign traveled to the target markets in the Netherlands, Germany and UK.

Case Summary

K-Swiss asked Lemon scented tea to help with telling the story about the K-Swiss Classic sneaker and by doing so, improving K-Swiss’s brand image. The decision to ask highly influential designers from around the world to design different posters for different parts of the story was made to be able to reach the right influential audience.

K-Swiss Campaign Pic

- At least a quarter million people saw the campaign in some form.
- Google search “You Gotta Know Your Classic” spawns hits to the campaign on the entire first page and 90% of page 2.

- More than 40 postings about the campaign by highly influential publishers such as Sneaker Freaker, Slanted Mag, Kicks on Fire etc
- More than 100% increase in daily mentions of the key word “K-Swiss”
- 36% increase in positive conversations surrounding “K-Swiss”
- Close to 100 exclusive poster prints were sent out

Online Buzz:

- 63% increase in results of “K-Swiss” according to Google Blogs
- Sharp increase in total occurrence of “K-Swiss” and “Kswiss” on blogs

Check the posters out here!

Campaign duration: 6 weeks