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Dutch Protestant Church Campaign

Each year the Dutch Protestant Church champions a specific good cause, and in 2009 that was ‘children in trouble’, in support of children abroad who have lost their homes to war, destruction or poverty. The campaign, dubbed ‘May I go home’, focused on offline guerilla confrontation, but halfway through the Church asked TTA to translate the campaign online. By adapting offline events into dynamic online films and spreading them to the right blogs, sites and forums, we were able to create the type of traction offline alone couldn’t achieve.

The Church in Action campaign was strategically difficult because we weren’t allowed to reveal the source of the campaign until the very end. It was a positive message, but most people want to know who’s behind it from the outright. We focused on Google, but we also created a microsite for the Church to more loudly broadcast its presence and its activities. Similarly, we turned intent into action by designing an iconic t-shirt to support the cause.

- Google #1 ranking for ‘mag ik naar huis’ (from 7.720,000 results) resulting directly from TTA.
- 60% of search results for ‘mag ik naar huis’ on Google’s 1st page resulting directly from TTA.

- over 200 active members on the microsite.
- over 600 views of the ‘Mag ik naar huis?’ YouTube channel.
- over 150 orders for ‘Mag ik naar huis?’ t-shirts.

Online Buzz:
- Over 200 ‘chats’ on the microsite
- Over 150 forum postings and articles.

Campaign Duration: 3 months