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Dream Amsterdam

Every year Dream Amsterdam brings a famous photographer to Holland to photograph Amsterdam in a new special way. In the summer of 2009 Amsterdam had the honor to welcome Peter Funch. Dream Amsterdam asked Lemon scented tea & TTA to increase the awareness and participation between the artist and the public and to create more natural contact moments with the press.

Case Summary

In order to increase awareness and participation with the public TTA used crowd sourcing and co-creation. Lemon scented tea came up with the “I wonder” theme for the campaign and TTA asked national and International people to think about their ideal city. ‘I wonder what the city would like if…’  – a sentence that the public was invited to finish to create the foundation for the campaign. Internet and viral marketing specialist Gabriel McIntyre was also consulted to improve efficiency in the spreading of the “I wonder” campaign.

- Coverage in International press such as The New York Times, Wired and Art World.
- Articles in more than 30 National monthly, weekly & daily publications such as Bright, Holland Herald, LINDA., Adformatie, Metro, de Volkskrant as well as TV coverage in AT 5.
- Mentions in over 20 International websites
- Mentions in more than 50 National websites such as bright.nl, iamsterdam.com and nieuws.nl.
- An estimated 260.000 viewers of the installation on Museumplein, Amsterdam.
- More than 3 million hits and 1 million views on campaign dedicated sites (Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the main site)

- Countless blog postings and comments.
- High engagement by visitors of the installment on Museumplein through Flickr, Facebook and other social websites.
- 250 people participated in the “I wonder” event

Campaign Duration: June 5 2009 – August 31 2009.