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Domino E-Day

TTA was asked to create online awareness for Diabetes Fonds. Using the E-Day platform created by postadvertising agency Lemon scented tea, we mapped out relevant communities and media for the campaign, and fed them a constant stream of compelling stories, actions and encouragements to get them online to play E-Day.

Case Summary

With E-Day we knew we had a gem in house: year in, year out Endemol’s Domino D-Day is one of Dutch TV’s best viewed programs. If we could capture just a fraction of the D-Day fanatics, we’d be able to raise all sorts of awareness for Diabetes Fonds. Dominating Google searches was of course key, but our true goal was to engage people with the online game, to keep them on the site and to forever make the link between domino’s and Diabetes. In the end, we broke a world record!

- Over 1.6 million Google search results under ‘Domino e-day’.
- Number 2 Google search under ‘Domino Day’.

- More than 9 million dominos have been laid to date – shattering
last year’s E-Day record (4.5 million) and even surpassing
the offline world record!
- More than 17,000 people played the game.
- The average time spent on the site was 10 minutes!
- The game got national TV attention during Domino Day.

Online Buzz:
- Almost 100 blog postings and mainstream press articles
resulting directly from TTA’s involvement.

Campaign Duration: 2 months