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The Travel Agency

Diabetes Fonds 35-45

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Ridiculous Design Rules

Diabetes Fonds – 35-45 Campaign

The Diabetes Fonds asked TTA to make 35-45 olds year in the Netherlands aware that regular exercise helps prevent type 2 diabetes. We helped conceive and create two enticing travel tools that would generate much interest in the target group. The resulting iPhone application and a ringtone became our lead conversation and ‘in’ into not only the communities but also the mass media itself.

Case Summary

The Diabetes Fonds really challenged us here, because no one in the 35-45 age group is eager to be preached to. Working with Lemon scented tea, we helped humanize the message to stimulate online discussions and gain sympathy with the press. We brought in bloggers with a great understanding of diabetes to target this group, and used a Travel Agency forte – positive peer pressure – to interest the rest.

- 73% of all relevant Google searches for diabetes on the 1st 10 pages were the direct result of TTA.
- 300,000 people viewed the key campaign message ‘regular movement helps prevent type 2 diabetes‘.

- 23 blog postings, articles and newsletters.
- 500 iPhone apps downloaded.
- 1,000 ringtones downloaded.

Online Buzz:
- 8 out of the 1st 10 relevant diabetes messages on Twitter
were the direct result of TTA.
- 80 forum posts

Campaign Duration: 3 months

Diabetes Fonds on Dutch Cowboys

Dutch Cowboys

More visuals of the campaign on our Flickr.