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Who We Are

We are a strategic communications agency that specializes in making content travel. Our social media strategists, bloggers and journalists are experts at creating the tools and stories that take your brand wherever it needs to go, online and off.

What We Do

We make stories travel. Today’s brand communication needs to be geared to the newly-designed consumer, who only listens to what he wants to hear and in the way he wants to hear it. And not only how – but where! Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. Google. Blogs. Forums. The Travel Agency can help your story travel anywhere in the world! We do so by actively plugging and seeding your story into communities, online magazines, blogs and forums.

How We Do It

TTA is a results-driven agency, and we do whatever it takes to create awareness, engagement and social chatter around your brand. Our methodology can be summed up in four words: Listen – Engage – Monitor – Optimize. Sounds easy, is easy when you have the right mentality. We find the common ground between your brand and the target audience so that your brand becomes part of their continuous conversation.

We Listen

We Monitor

We Optimize

How We Measure Results

The results of a TTA campaign are based on awareness, engagement and social chatter.

Real-time search is a great tool for studying what people are talking about with regards to your brand and products. Even though search cannot help you measure ROI in real numbers, it gives you a good gauge of how much influence you have in social media. If we want to measure the impact of our campaign on the search results, we can do so by creating a timeline and monitor the different search engines from the start until the end of the campaign.

Of the target market with your brand can be another result of TTA. We have developed several tools which provide the possibility to engage with your brand through participation: for example the ‘donate-your-status-tool’ on Facebook, Hyves and Twitter, or a custom made iPhone application. Engagement can be measured by the amount of people that participate in you brand.

This is the online buzz around your brand. Are people talking about your brand? And what are they talking about? We make sure your brand becomes a continual part of the conversation of your target market. We can measure their impact of a TTA campaign by creating a timeline and measure the social media mentions from the start until the end of the campaign. How many people have spoken about your brand, and where?

Our Ideology

We always tell brands: to survive in the social mediasphere, you have to have an ideology. What you stand for? Why you exist? Your target group has them, and so should you. So as not to be hypocrites, we’ll tell you ours. The Travel Agency exists because we believe people read only what they want to read, not what they have to read. They don’t read advertising; they read what interests them. By combining a journalistic state of mind with strategic demographic analysis we turn campaigns into relevant, engaging content. Because content travels.

We hope to have you on board soon!