The Travel Agency


During 2010 K-Swiss will remaster their original sneaker the “K-Swiss Classic”. First released in 1966, it constitutes the first true street sneaker that people were sporting on the streets of L.A. 40 years ago. Lemon scented tea wrote the story behind the K-Swiss Classic – finally!

Dream Amsterdam

Every year Dream Amsterdam brings a famous photographer to Holland to photograph Amsterdam in a new special way. In the summer of 2009 Amsterdam had the honor to welcome Peter Funch. Dream Amsterdam asked TTA to increase the awareness and participation between the artist and the public and to create more natural contact moments with the press.

Diabetes Fonds – 35-45 Campaign

The Diabetes Fonds asked TTA to make 35-45 olds year in the Netherlands aware that regular exercise helps prevent type 2 diabetes. We helped conceive and create two enticing travel tools that would generate much interest in the target group.

Visit Sweden

TTA was asked to help put Sweden on the Dutch wintersport map by generating traffic to the Visit Sweden site. We used the viral video created by postadvertising agency Lemon scented tea as basis for a powerful campaign.

Domino E-Day

Using the E-Day game platform created by Lemon scented tea, TTA made sure people got online to play the E-Day game and got involved with the Diabetes Fonds.

Ridiculous Design Rules

The FreeDesigndom Festival asked us to create more awareness and generate traffic through its web platform Ridiculous Design Rules. We mapped out the most relevant design communities and catalyzed a serious ongoing debate about ridiculous design rules through DM, seeding/plugging and viral marketing strategies.

Dutch Protestant Church Campaign

Each year the Dutch Protestant Church champions a specific good cause, and in 2009 that was ‘children in trouble’. The campaign, dubbed ‘May I go home’, focused on offline guerilla confrontation. The Church asked TTA to translate the campaign online.